MLTV clothing is a minimalist unconventional menswear brand based in Stockholm and London, creating collections explored through architectural and monochromatic dimensions.

Inspired by geometry and raw shapes, MLTV introduces laser sharp cuts and silhouettes. The collections feature multifunctional and transformable pieces that fit into a consumers everyday life. The result is a bold, sporty look, which is daring yet minimal.

Designed and produced entirely within the European Union, MLTV embraces slow fashion. The underpinning values are quality and fair production and MLTV is involved in every component of manufacturing.

Episode VIII

S/S 2016

Episode VIII is inspired by the Bauhaus movement and its heritage from functionalism, challenging outdated ideas about identity and the purpose of design. Modern man-who is he? The question itself is out of style: modern identity is dissolving into hybrid identity where the only solid ground is to be aligned with the demands of each time, place and circumstance. The starting point of this collection is to meet the requirements of those empowered individuals who are passionate about shaping and reshaping their identity and style on a daily basis, potentiating playfulness, sustainability and continual updates.

Sourced in Stockholm where creative grass roots are gathering in hubs to exchange ideas in a never ending flow and where both clothing and surroundings must be compatible with ever changing visions and demands.

The collection features extending parts, zippers and snaps to attach and change position of parts. MLTV continues to explore and challenge the limits of the garment, the imagination of the user and society's consumerism by creating versatile items.

Progressive minimalism continues to headline MLTV, using laser sharp silhouettes, raw geometric shapes and easily reshaped modules in the spirit of Bauhaus architecture, allowing for personalized expressions and questioning one way communication between designer and wearer.

Relying on simplicity, allowing for multiplicity.