MLTV clothing is a minimalist unconventional menswear brand based in Stockholm and London, creating collections explored through architectural and monochromatic dimensions.

Inspired by geometry and raw shapes, MLTV introduces laser sharp cuts and silhouettes. The collections feature multifunctional and transformable pieces that fit into a consumers everyday life. The result is a bold, sporty look, which is daring yet minimal.

Designed and produced entirely within the European Union, MLTV embraces slow fashion. The underpinning values are quality and fair production and MLTV is involved in every component of manufacturing.

Episode XI

F/W 2017

Episode XI explores the juxtaposition of creative sensuality and controlled masculinity. The collection is inspired by the multudious dimensions of masculinity and is expressed by the MLTV signature: relational garments.

The pieces are activated by the wearer through the use of replaceable and extensive modules that can be co-curated to cover or undress, reconstructing and re-playing.

This concept is brought to life through extra-long-arms, steel-necklace-detailed Extended Coat, detachable back panel DE:sign Shirt, logo mania, blood red/black Bauhaus Jacket, and width-controllable Harness Sweater.

Photographer: Marcus Askelöf
Stylist: Jonathan Krook
Grooming: Lovisa Lunneborg
Model: Ibbe Gomina, Modellink
Retouch: Omnilux studio

Text: Beate Undén



The fabrics used reflect the conflicting intention of the collection: introducing heavy, dense materials such as abundant wool and cotton jersey with aerial, voluptuous silk organza and exclusive tencel. Also incorporating screen prints and blood red to the MLTV color palette.

The collection pays homage to the progressive minimalistic heritage of the Bauhaus movement and draws on the power of structure and bounds to spark freedom and creativity.

Relying on discipline,

allowing for boundlessness.