MLTV clothing is a minimalist unconventional menswear brand based in Stockholm and London, creating collections explored through architectural and monochromatic dimensions.

Inspired by geometry and raw shapes, MLTV introduces laser sharp cuts and silhouettes. The collections feature multifunctional and transformable pieces that fit into a consumers everyday life. The result is a bold, sporty look, which is daring yet minimal.

Designed and produced entirely within the European Union, MLTV embraces slow fashion. The underpinning values are quality and fair production and MLTV is involved in every component of manufacturing.
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Episode XII


The sense of entirety hanging on a loose thread. The rule book that has long governed the board game of masculinity no longer applies and what remains is the call for something new. 

The co-creation between designer and wearer and altering expressions have always been key concepts for MLTV, and this new episode opens up even further, to the dissolution of definitive gender identity.

At the junction between masculinity and femininity, old and new, good and bad, is the playing field where some participants find themselves in a deadlock and are suddenly at a loss as to how to proceed—or even what game to play.

Must some colors be removed, can pieces be remodelled or are new components needed?




In this vacuum like, vulnerable environment where new ideas are created through contemporary colors and forms, the collection continues to explore its heritage of architectural and multifunctional blocks, prints, cuttings, colors and layerings that either strike against

each other or gravitate into original forms. In the key garments this is expressed through the multiple possibilities to extend, detach and alter sections, uncovering both the defencelessness of uncertainty and the bravery of originality.


Photographer: Cornelia Wahlberg, Adamsky MGMT

Stylist: Jonathan Krook | Grooming: Elin Laine

Photo assistant: Ellinor Sjöberg | Model: Vilhelm Nyroos, Nisch Management

Words by: Beate Undén